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Hello, my name is Matt. I've traveled around a little bit to many interesting places and I often end up getting a postcardexternal link or two while I am there. I just happen to think they're pretty neat. A nice tangible scene you can hold in your hands or put up on the refrigerator to remind you of your trip. I've probably collected hundreds of them along the way. I've also mailed quite a few out to my family and friends.

Possibly as a consequence of this, I have also received several postcards in the mail when my own family and friends have gone on trips. There's quite a variety of cards out there and from recently looking through them all, I was inspired to start a little project of pursuing postcards from every corner of the globe. Obviously, to be able to travel to all the corners of the Earth, although enjoyable, would be rather time consuming and expensive to say the least. So, to help facilitate this project along I've decided to outsource it to you folks. That's right! I'm asking for your help. And in return you'll get a little gift from me...*drum roll*... A nice postcard from the vicinity in which I live or from a place I have recently visited.

How to Play!

A postcard starting its journeyA postcard starting its journey
At the post officeAt the post office

The rules of this project are very simple. The goal is to receive a postcard from all the 200 plus countries of the world, and also from all the provinces, states, and territories of Canada and the United States as well. Even if your country or the place that your are visiting already happens to be represented in the gallery, I would still love to receive a card from you if you got any interesting or unique postcards! So,

Moonworm PO Box 1292 Columbus NE 68602 USA


OMG a postcard!OMG! A postcard!

P.S. I'm still hunting through some desk drawers and boxes for some other postcards that were previously mailed to me so the gallery looks a little sparse right now. But I hope to be updating it soon.

Questions or Comments? Email me at moonworm+postcards@moonworm dot net

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Last Updated: 7 January 2024