The Infinite Firefly

This spiffy little gum stick sized circuit flashes a LED every couple of seconds. Powered by a small solar cell which charges a super capacitor, it can blink for ~36 hours in total darkness when fully charged. Ambient room light during the day seems to be enough to keep it going through out the night. I also have one powered by an AA battery which has been blinking since March of 2015 with no signs of slowing down.


Parts List:

P1 and C1 can be substituted with a 1.5 volt battery if desired.

The blink rate can be changed by varying R2 and/or C2. I suggest experimenting with this circuit on a breadboard to see what you like before making anything permanent.


Other Blinky Links:

Still going strong after nearly twenty years, this blinky in part inspired me to make mine.
Forever Flasher:
This battery powered flasher circuit is mostly what my flashers were derived from with a few tweaks.
Pink Floyd's Pulse Album:
This album included a red blinking LED powered by a LM3909 flasher IC.

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